5 Ways To Fabulous

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Finding the one

Just how do you find the perfect pair of lashes?  First, you need to know what your eye shape is. Below are a few suggestions so you can look and feel fabulous in the most fabulous lashes in the world! 

Here are a few tips to help you figure out which pair of fabulous lashes will look best on you. Let this be a gentile guide. Often most styles look fabulous and can create different looks....


If your  eyelid doesn't  have a crease in it then you have a monolid.   

Mono-lids are very versatile when it comes to lashes. Look for lashes that are wispy and have a curl on the end.

We suggest Socialite, City Chic and Rocker Chic


If you can see the entire circumference of your iris then you have round eyes. 

Round eyes look fabulous with lashes that fan upwards and out.

We suggest Bombshell, Socialite, Rocker Chic and City Chic


If your eyes slightly cover your iris on the top and bottom of your lids they are almond shaped.

Almond eyes are can be accentuated with a lash that flare out at the corner to give you perfect cat-eyed effect.

We suggest Dollface, Bombshell and Rocker chic


If you have a small upper lid then you have a hooded lid.

The lashes that look best have different lengths and remind me of a star.

We Suggest Socialite, City Chic and Rocker Chic

Close Set


If the space between your eyes is less than the with of one of your eyes then they are close set.

The fabulous lashes we suggest flare out on the ends to give the illusion of distance between your eyes....

We suggest City Chic, Rocker Chic, Bombshell and Dollface

Wide Set

Wide set eyes have more space between them then the with of your eye.

The fabulous lashes we suggest are lashes that are pointed in the center and variegated.

We suggest Socialit and Rocker Chic

Upturned or Downturned



 If you were to draw a line through the center of your iris horizontally and your outer corner was above or below the line then that is how you can determine if this is your eye shape.

Downturned eyes look best with lashes that fan up in a spiky way.

We suggest Socialite, Rocker Chic, Bombshell, Dollface and City Chic

Upturned eyes look best with fullness in the outer corner.

We Suggest Bombshell, Rocker Chic, and Dollface