5 Ways To Fabulous

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HOw do I put these Lashes on?!?

First of all if you can put on eyeliner you can put these on. So, that should at least give you a little comfort. It is easier than you think and practice makes perfect. Usually after a few tries most are comfortable. If you have had a bad experience I'm guessing you may have used lower quality lashes and didn't let your glue "set"...LETS GET STARTED!

Step 1.

Trim your lashes from the inner corner with sharp scissors and then clip the tail off the outer end.

Step 2.

Put the glue on. I like latex glue because it moves with the eye. If you have an allergy then get a "latex free" glue and test it on your arm first. REMEMBER a little goes a long way. Basically you are just putting a line of glue on the band of the lashes.

Step 3.

WAIT. Let the glue set for 60 to 90 seconds or until it gets tacky.

Step 4.

Using the applicator or tweezers or your fingers start at the outer corner and press it into your lash line where you would "top line" your eye. Work your way towards the center.

Try not to flutter your eyes too much while the lash is setting or for about 30 seconds.


I like to add al layer of liner along the top of the lashes so they blend with y makeup but the possibilities are endless!

How Many times can my Fabulous lashes be worn?

With proper care 25 times or more. Be sure to store them in the box they came in and remove any excess glue after each wear. If you apply mascara on them they will not last as long.

Can my lashes get wet?

No, Do not get them wet they will loose their shape and can not be worn swimming, in a steam room or any other place they may get wet.

How do I trim my lashes to fit my eye?

Trim lashes with sharp scissors from the inner corner in small pieces after you have placed it on your eye to determine length.

How long should I let the glue "gel" before I put them on?

This is key. Allowing your glue to "gel" for about 30-70 seconds will make all the difference in the world and avoid slippage. If the glue is tacky to the touch it will grip the lash line better.

How do I take them off without removing my own lashes?

By lining your top lid with a gel liner it will create a Barrier between your skin and lashes. As your body produces natural oils the lashes will slightly loosen through out the day and after several hours they should peel right off with out damaging your natural lashes.

Can I apply mascara to this product?

No, It will decrease the amount of times these lashes can be worn. It will alsoruin the shine and quality of the lashes.

Can I apply mascara to my natural lashes?

Yes, this is sometimes a good idea to help them "blend". Just be sure to let it dry first.


1.. Your regular sunglasses may hit your new lashes so be sure to have a pair of fabulous sunnies that allow for you to flutter your fabulous lashes.

2. Apply a small amount of  mascara to your natural lashes and let it dry before putting on your fabulous lashes. This will help your lashes blend more seamlessly since these lashes are midnight black.

3. Applying lash serum daily will help your natural lashes look and fee their best. 

4. Brush on glue is easiest to apply.