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How it all started....

I keep getting asked what prompted me to start my own lash line and I thought I would totally throw myself under the bus and see how many of you can relate. I have a very difficult time sitting still. It's so bad that I hardly ever get my nails done because not being able to use my hands (or fidget) for that long of a period of time drives me nuts. 


I actually paint my nails right before bed and place my hands crisscross on my chest and pray I don't move (yes, I look ridiculous)!  When I wake up if there's a little smudge then I just gloss over it with clear. Then I'm off to my computer where I stand to do my work 70% of the time because again, sitting is just far too difficult for me. 


So, back to the lashes...when eyelash extensions first came out I was ECSTATIC and had to be one of the first to get them. Tessa had just been born and to avoid having leave her, Bella and Gigi at home and lie down for a long period of time at the salon...while doing nothing (IMPOSSIBLE), I had the lady come to my house.  


Finally, after having them applied several times, I figured I could teach myself how to apply them to avoid long appointments and very expensive maintenance. I also wanted bigger and fuller lashes than the extensions were able to provide. 


I did this for years and became very comfortable with the whole process. I also became keenly aware of how the placement of longer and thicker hairs could give my eyes a totally different look. Kind of the same way that dresses look different on different body types. Then I noticed what I wanted just didn't exist. Not to mention fabulous packaging (I LOVE pretty boxes) So, in a nutshell I guess my business was basically born out of my complete inability to sit still! 

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